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I’m Running for the Oregon Legislature!


I am writing to you because I have exciting news to share. I am running for office again. I have filed for election to the Oregon House Representatives, House District 21. This is an open seat, and the district comprises the city of Keizer, and North Salem (where I live). I will be on the ballot for the May 17 primary; with success I will be on the ballot for the November 8 general election. The district is pretty evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, which fits in with my desire to reach out to everyone to come together with common sense solutions to our problems. I am contacting everyone from my friends, family, business associates, and government connections, because I believe in making a point of being connected with people from all over to ensure I am as well informed as possible on a variety of issues. In Oregon, we have a citizen legislature, which means I can continue running my law firm while representing Oregonians from House District 21. I hope you will consider my candidacy in the context of me working to bring about solutions for all Oregonians, while I represent the needs of all in Keizer and Salem. I welcome help in three categories: 1. Volunteers who want to provide hands-on assistance. 2. Friends who provide input to help address issues. Subscribe Past Issues Translate 2/21/22, 4:36 PM I'm running for the Oregon Legislature! 2/2 3. Donors who will contribute. If you’d like to stay connected to the campaign in any fashion you can contact me via my website:, or by following me on Facebook.

Getting things done for Keizer, Salem, and Oregon,

Kevin L. Mannix

Candidate for Oregon House Representatives, HD 21

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