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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community
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Kevin L. Mannix

Attorney ~  Leader ~ Champion
Occupational Background:

Private law practice since 1986; Assistant Attorney General, Oregon; Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Territory of Guam; Administrative Law Judge, Oregon; Law Clerk, Oregon Court of Appeals

Educational Background:

University of Virginia Law School and College of
Arts and Sciences

Prior Government Experience:

State Representative; State Senator; Oregon Republican Party Chair; Marion County Republican Party Chair; Precinct Committee Person

Meet Kevin Mannix

Providing decades of effective leadership in the community.

Kevin Mannix has been an attorney since 1974. During his first eight years of practice, he served as a law clerk to the Oregon Court of Appeals, as an Assistant Attorney General for Oregon, as an Assistant Attorney General for the U. S. Territory of Guam, and as an Administrative Law Judge for Oregon. He has run his own Salem law firm since 1986, representing individuals, non-profits, and businesses.

Kevin is originally from Virginia where he received his Bachelor's Degree and Juris Doctor at the University of Virginia. Though, he spent many years of his childhood in Latin America living in Ecuador, Bolivia, and Panama while his father served in the Foreign Service. While in Latin America, Kevin attended private Spanish immersion schools and is fluent Spanish.
While completing his education at UV, Kevin met his wife, Susanna, who was studying to become a nurse. Kevin and Susanna were married in June 1974, and together they have three children and five grandchildren. After completing their education, they pulled out a map and sat down to decide what state they would like to make their home. They have been Salem locals ever since. Today, Kevin remains in practice at his law firm and Susanna works as a nurse at Salem Hospital.

For Kevin's full biography, please visit his personal website:

Attorney +

Kevin is the owner of the Mannix Law Firm, where he represented over 50 small businesses, churches, and schools that had to address Covid-19 mandates. He is also the Director of the Oregon Shipping Group, and a Managing Member of the Willamette Intermodal Group.


Community Leader

Kevin has been active in many civic organizations, including the East Salem Rotary Club and East Salem Community Center.  Kevin is also a founder of Blanchet Catholic School and is President of SACSA, the foundation that supports the local Catholic schools.


Kevin is a champion for Oregonians as the leading crime victim advocate founding Common Sense for Oregon, and The Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance. Presently, he is fighting against the Governor's abuse of power releasing over 1,100 felons early from prison!


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