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"You and I both know the last couple of years have been anything but friendly in Oregon. The major issues faced by Oregonians are just getting worse because our legislative leaders are failing to stand up to Governor Brown and her radical agenda for Oregon. I've been getting things done for our community for decades, both in the Oregon Legislature and outside of it. It's time to work together to find some common sense solutions to the issues Oregonians face—inflation, crime, homelessness, high taxes, and failing schools."


Restoring Justice
55% of Oregonians feel less safe in their communities than they did two years ago. 

Kevin Mannix was the architect of Measure 11, the voter-approved ballot measure that created mandatory sentences for violent criminals. Today as an attorney, Mannix is leading the fight against Governor Kate Brown's attempts to release these same criminals early.

Kevin Mannix is an outspoken advocate for crime victims, backing the blue and fully funding law enforcement. As a state legislator, Mannix helped expand the Family Abuse Protection Act and authored the Victims' Rights Amendments to the Oregon Constitution.


As State Representative, Kevin will restore our criminal justice system with prevention, accountability, and rehabilitation by:

  • making sure that those who enforce the law have the resources and personnel to do so;

  • revitalizing foster care programs and strengthening child abuse intervention response services;

  • strengthening the operations of the courts to address the backlog of cases and hold criminals accountable and;

  • enhancing programs in our corrections facilities so we improve the opportunity for rehabilitation and re-entry.

Improving Our Schools, Expanding Our Options
More than 1 in 5 Oregon children live in poverty, and only 67% of Oregon's low-income youth graduate high school.

Kevin Mannix has dedicated much of his life to promoting school choice and parental rights in our kids’ education. Mannix founded Blanchet Catholic School in Salem and will fight to stop the one-size-fits all policies putting a barrier between parents and curriculum in the classroom.

There is much that can be done in the Oregon Legislature to expand school choice right now, including:

  • vouchers for parents of children with disabilities;

  • a tax credit program for businesses who sponsor school scholarships and;

  • creation of  grant programs to help private schools expand their capabilities in certain academic areas.

Fighting for Affordability
Inflation and lack of affordable housing is turning Oregon into the next California, and Salem-Keizer into the next Portland.


Kevin Mannix has been fighting to keep taxes low his entire career –successfully defeating the largest tax increase in Oregon’s history. As President of the non-profit Common Sense for Oregon, Kevin continues to fight to make Oregon more affordable for working families.


We need a comprehensive review of Oregon’s tax system so as to enhance business development and employment growth, while lowering taxes and fees for working Oregonians.

Reforms could include:

  • Removing the Oregon death taxes and the CAP system;

  • Establishing caps on income taxes and; 

  • Clarifying exemptions from personal property taxes.

Addressing Homelessness
There were over 800 homeless individuals in the Marion and Polk Region as of June 2021.

The homelessness problem is actually a symptom of the failure to address a number of issues. 


The state needs to develop a comprehensive backstop system for counties, cities, non-governmental organizations, and churches to be able to better address homelessness issues.


Kevin will work to implement the following:​

  • Strengthening the capability to require drug-addicted and alcohol-addicted persons to enter treatment facilities;

  • Improving the staffing and training for those who deal with addiction and mental health issues at state and local facilities and for local law enforcement;

  • Expanding work and training programs for those who are homeless and;

  • Reviewing programs across the nation that have addressed these complex issues successfully to guide our efforts. 

And there is so much more to consider.
We welcome recommendations and donations. 

During Kevin's earlier ten years of service in the Oregon Legislature, he passed more legislation (135 bills) than any other single legislator in Oregon history. He did this by putting together comprehensive proposals in advance, working with anyone who was willing to figure out the mechanics of solutions, and reaching out to a broad range of legislators for support. Kevin is ready to go on Day One once he is in office!

Get involved now by donating, volunteering, or sharing your ideas below!

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