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Kevin is a former state legislator successfully serving the Salem area for 10 years, passing more legislation than any other person in Oregon's history. During his service, Kevin became Oregon’s leading crime victim advocate, authoring Measure 11 which formed mandatory minimum sentences for violent crimes. He has successfully stood up to a government run wild, including fighting Governor Brown's punishing mandates and successfully defeating the largest tax increase in Oregon history.


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Meet Kevin Mannix

Candidate for State Representative of House District 21
Kevin is a practicing business law attorney and established the Mannix Law Firm in Salem, OR in 1986 where they represent small businesses, churches, private schools, and non-profit agencies. Kevin has been married to his wife Susanna for 48 years, and together they have three children and five grandchildren. He has a passion for service and has provided decades of effective leadership in the community through Rotary, Common Sense for Oregon, the Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance and so much more!

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