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Kevin's Experience

Kevin is a former state legislator successfully serving the Salem area for 10 years, passing more legislation (135 bills) and successful citizen initiatives than any other person in Oregon's history. During his service, Kevin became Oregon’s leading crime victim advocate, creating Oregon’s anti-stalking law, Measure 11 which formed mandatory minimum sentences for violent crimes, and Measure 17 which required state prisoners to engage in useful work while incarcerated. 

Former State Representative and Senator


Kevin served five terms (ten years) in the Oregon House of Representatives. He also served a partial term in the Oregon Senate, filling out a term by appointment. Kevin was the chief sponsor of more successful legislation (135 bills) during his legislative service than any other single legislator since Oregon became a state. His legislative accomplishments include authoring Oregon’s anti-stalking law, reforming adoption laws to make adoptions quicker and less expensive, the passage of a host of anti-crime legislation, and reforms to improve access to our courts. 


Kevin is also the author of Measure 11 (mandatory minimum sentences for violent crimes), Measure 17 (requiring state prisoners to engage in useful work, full time, while incarcerated), and the Victims' Rights Amendments to the Oregon Constitution.

Check out a complete list of Kevin's legislation here.

Oregon's Leading Crime Victim Advocate


Through his work at Common Sense for Oregon, Kevin has been leading the District Attorney’s lawsuit against Governor Kate Brown’s early release of 1,142 violent criminals. He also challenged the recent redistricting plans fighting against gerrymandering and defended 47 small businesses and churches that have been financially devastated by the Governor's business shutdowns. 

Catholic School Founder

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In 1995, Kevin led a group of citizens who founded Blanchet Catholic School, a mid-high and high school owned by the community but recognized as a Catholic school by the Archdiocese of Portland. Kevin served continuously as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Blanchet Catholic School from its incorporation in March 1995 until June 2018. He remains on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Since 1985, Kevin has been on the Board of Directors of the Salem Catholic Schools Foundation, including 18 years as President of the Foundation. He is also now President of the Salem Area Catholic Schools Association, which supports all the Catholic schools in the Salem area.

Party Leader

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Kevin served as Vice-Chair and later Chair of the Oregon Republican Party. During his tenure as Chairman, he took the Party out of debt and fully organized the Party in all 36 counties in Oregon. He later served as Chair of the Marion County Oregon Republican Party.

For Kevin's complete resume, please visit his personal website at:
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